Best Diamond

Best Diamond - Unique Engagement Ring Collection

Get your diamond engagement ring from the world's most prominent jewelry exhibitions!

Best Diamond - Unique Engagement Ring Collection

Get the diamond engagement ring of your dreams
from the world's most prominent jewelry exhibitions!

Engagement rings - with carefully selected diamonds

My collection consists of diamond engagement rings which are selected and chosen carefully at the Italian VicenzaORO and other well-known international jewelry exhibitions. Going forward, my catalogue includes diamond engagement rings which are personally and sophistically designed and I guarantee you won't meet them anywhere else, besides at Best Diamond's. As a diamond broker , I work exclusively with high quality sparkling diamonds, which come directly from the diamond stock exchange, by this you are getting the best diamond engagement ring for your money.

Take a closer look at Best Diamond's diamond engagement ring pieces!

I would like to invite you to my office, a showroom, where I can present you my most unique diamond engagement ring collection. Our private and personal consultation is completely free of charge and without any obligations!


Best Diamond Engagement Rings

Why Choose Us?

Best Diamond Engagement Rings

Why Choose Us?

Our unique collection acquired from the world's most prominent jewelry exhibitions or dreamt and produced by our highly qualified designers.
We guarantee you won't meet the anywhere else!

Our diamonds sourced directly from the well-known Antwerp and Tel Aviv diamond exchange centers. We carefully look for and choose the right stone size and its' qualities, picking the best possible diamond that we can find on the market based on your budget and needs!

You will receive a certificate of authenticity attached to the engagement ring. This is not just a piece of paper, it proves the quality and value of the product you chosen. Best Diamond takes full responsibility for it's content, therefore it is an official and very important valuation made by us, to you.

The private, face-to-face or online-zoom consultations are completely free of charge. You have a chance to ask any questions you may have and get a valuable insight in the exciting world of diamonds. We will also go through the 4 main characteristics of a diamond („4C’s”). My aim is to make sure you leave the consultation with gained knowledge and added value which will help you to take the best decision.


Best Diamond was founded back in 2017 as initiative of the Banyai brothers, Benjamin and Milan. We are not descendants of a traditional diamond family. Our venture and adventure started purely due to the growing interest and passion we had for diamonds. We loved to admire and stare the stones for hours. We felt and understood that diamonds are not a simple hobby, it has a mission for us...

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