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Milan Banyai

diamond broker // owner

Milan Banyai

What is my story and how did I manage to feel myself at home in the world of diamonds?

At the beginning of my journey I started exactly like everyone else would start, mainly by browsing on the internet and reading books. There is alot to learn and understand, however in order to transform yourself over time into a true master, practicality is key and cannot be neglected.

In 2017, following several months of hard learning and establishing connections in the field, I decided to apply for a diamond grading courseat the most respected and well-known gemological institution in the US, called GIA. I managed to win a scholarship and successfully complete the program with an excellent grade.

During my studies I gained valuable experience in grading the 4 main characteristics of a diamond (colour, clarity, carat and cut), which influence a diamond’s final value (called internationally the ’4C-s’ – learn more about this in our Diamond Guide ).

Bányai Milán gyémánt szakértő

Getting a diploma is handy, however it is only one step and a milestone in a long and never ending journey of constant learning and improving your skills in the industry. I also visited several international jewelry and diamond exhibitions, where I managed to acquire beautiful sparkling stones for my clients.

I keep respectful and well maintained business relations with several suppliers located at the Tel Aviv and Antwerp stock exchanges. By this, I want to make sure your future fiancé will receive the most glimmering diamond ring ever.

If you would like to know more about diamonds, feel free to contact me and I will give you all the help you need through a free consultation. You can be absolutely certain you are the taking the right and best decision. This is what Best Diamond is about.