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The engagement ring is probably your most valuable and dearest piece of jewelry as it symbolizes your emotions, and memories.
On top of that it is also a universal mark of a commitment to one another. After lengthy years of wear you might wonder, how can you regain the original sparkle of the ring or just simply make it more attractive. As time goes by couples living on steadier grounds and following 5, 10 or even 20 years of marriage they now enjoy a higher standard of living. Most commonly, an anniversary, a holiday and the a birthday are great occasions for the men to decide whether they want to upgradethe engagement ring to level which reflects their current life circumstances.

If you are positive to go for it, let us offer you a few options,
which will eventually result a beautifulsparkling diamond ring.

Why should I upgrade it?

an anniversary - a stylish, modern ring can be a perfect present for a jubilee. Don't miss the opportunity to recelebrate and by this to strengthen your marriage.
success in life - when you engage the love of your life you are not necessarily in a position to purchase the ring you really coveted for. Enjoying now a higher standard of living the new upgraded ring will represent not solely an unconditional love but also reflect your success in life.
follow the trends - the everyday fashion changing continuously, make sure your wife has an up-to-date ring. 

How should I upgrade it?

The way you choose to upgrade your diamond ring is up to you! Some men like to surprise thier partner, some like to go through the process mutually. I can assure you that I will be besides you from the very first moment and assist in any way possible.

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The Best Diamond Miracle

Upgrade your diamond engagement ring!

Visit us for a private and personal consultation, where I can present you the following options based on the style and design of your current engagement ring:

Replace the Zirconia with a Diamond

The easiest and most straight forward solution. We change the center stone by removing the less valuable zirconia and replacing it with a higher value sparkling diamond.


Upgrade your diamond to a bigger one

This option is very simple. Usually with a little alteration to the head, we can securely set a new bigger stone.

Place side stones on the ring

We can enhance your engagement ring by adding smaller stones to the shoulders, making your ring completely unique.

Change to HALO engagement ring

In contrary to the previous option, here the smaller stones will not be set on the ring's shoulders, rather than placed around the central stone, forming by this what is called a Halo engagement ring.

Switch to a new style

You got bored of your current engagement ring shape or it simply became less trendy? You can be completely up-to-date again by removing the stone from your old ring and resetting it into a new one. We can even add smaller diamonds to the shoulders if you wish. 

Wear a fancy shape diamond

Would like to try a fancy cut diamond such as the princess one? Or maybe an oval shaped stone is your dream? By altering the setting we can change the diamond and it’s shape.

Complete restructure

You no longer fancy your current engagement ring style, the diamond is too small and you would like to redesign it from scratch? We can happily assist! Building a new unique ring with new specs is not an issue and we you can even trade in the gold from your current engagement ring.

The Best Diamond Miracle

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