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Valentine's Day Engagement Ideas

As Valentine’s Day approaches, most men are looking for unique gift ideas. With the help of Best Diamond, you can now make the holiday truly unforgettable with a perfect marriage proposal

Valentine's Day, where does it come from and when is it?

Valentine, or Valentinus (in Hungarian St. Valentine) is the patron saint of the mentally ill, people with epilepsy and lovers.

The origins of the holiday go all the way back to the classical antiquity, the time of the Roman Empire. Valentine, who was a bishop, was persecuted and imprisoned by the emperor for his Christian faith.
Prior to his death, Valentine gave back the sight for the blind daughter of his prisoner and on the day of his execution, on February 14, he sent the girl love farewell messages, which he signed with the following: “Your's, Valentine”.

Going forward to the 14th century the former story was inspired by that time and eventually Valentine was proclaimed patron saint of brides and newly-weds in England and France.

In the last few years, Valentine's Day become super popular in Hungary as well and it is commonly accepted to exchange gifts and flowers on the day of lovers.

Should I go for a gift or a proposal? Can be both!

I know from my personal experience that many men are searching for the right gift ideas for their loved ones, and in parallel there are plenty who are in a proposal mindset and looking for an ideal moment to pop up the question. Valentine’s Day can be perfect solution from timing perspective to connect the two! That moment doesn’t have to be sought but rather created, and trust me, there is no greater gift for your loved one than the engagement itself!

Top 10 Valentine's Day Engagement Ideas

1. Trick and Treat

If you are worried that an engagement may be too obvious to your partner and she might be already suspicious, than perhaps the best way to engage is by using a simple trick. If you present an ordinary gift such as a box of chocolate, she won't suspect anything and when she opens it...

the surprise and joy will be greater than you ever imagined!

Valentine's day proposal ideas

2. Romantic dinner night

Many times we are desperately looking for ideas which can really impress our partner, countless thoughts and scripts run through our heads which is understandable, but our main message is: do not overcomplicate it! Valentine’s Day is a superb opportunity to have an intimate romantic evening and to openly express your feelings to your girlfriend. Women appreciate those men who can cook, so go ahead and cook her favorite meal or come up with special menu. Study the recipe carefully, get the right necessary ingredients from the shop, and most importantly, buy a quality wine! Oh, and of course the candle and the flowers can't be left out either!

When you should pop up the 'big question'? Don't worry, you will feel the right moment. Believe me, the overall effect is so powerful that you are guaranteed to get a 'YES'!

Valentine's day proposal ideas

3. Take here to a place with an amazing view!

We are aware that the weather in February is not very gracious, to be honest it is probably one of the grayest months of the year. But even so, it has its own advantages.

There is nothing more charming than proposing in front of a beautiful landscape. Due to the expected cold weather these top panoramic spots can be less crowded and you can preserve that moment afterwards exclusively for the two of you. 

Ask your friends to give you a hand, decorate a small area at the Fishing Bastion with flower petals, candles and take out your partner for a pleasant walk. Timing is crucial so make sure to check when is the sunset and proposing half an hour before that is just perfect: when it’s still bright and the public lights are already turned on, creating a heart-to-heart winning moment.

Valentine's day proposal ideas

4. Surprise her!

If you like surprise parties and you want to sweep your partner off her feet than go ahead and decorate the whole apartment for Valentine’s Day with candles, garlands of lights, flower petals and lots of balloons! This in itself is already a huge gift and the proposal is will be a super extra.

With this option you might be obvious from the moment she steps into the apartment, but on the other hand you can't make a mistake 🙂

Valentine's day proposal ideas

5. Smuggle nostalgia into it!

It is part of our human nature to go through some old stories and when it comes to our loved ones, surely the day when you first met each other will be mentioned several times. We like to go through the small details such as what clothes we were wearing, what were the first sentences that you told to her or she said to you, who hit on on who first and so on. Many of these will be remembered by one of you and maybe a bit less by your other half.

The main idea is to recall the place where you first first met, kissed or confessed love. This place is of high significance to both of you so take your sweetheart there and go for a romantic engagement!

Valentine's day proposal ideas

6. Puzzle as a gift!

If you know yourself as a quiet and more reserved type of person than this gift idea is exactly for you! The jigsaw puzzle will the take the weight off your shoulders! A perfect game to be played together on Valentine's Day. At the end of it the question will be crystal clear and all you will have to do is to stay ready with the ring in your pocket and present it in the right moment 🙂
You can order a custom made puzzle with your foto from several different websites. For example, a heart shaped puzzle can be found on Venuspuzzle's website. 

7. Romantic movie night!

Watching a movie together seems like a simple and everyday idea, but like everything else, you can make this occasion special as well. You will have to prepare for this in advance because there are plenty of accessories that are probably missing from your household.

Get some heart-shaped plates, chocolates, candies, fondue sets, flower petals, sweet champagne, garlands of lights and candles. Make sure to find out her favorite romantic movie and enjoy a cozy, intimate night together.

Do you want to be extremely attentive? Once the movie ended turn on her favorite love songs! Wait for the perfect moment and offer her to marry you 🙂

8. Perfect Valentine’s Day Trip… with a gift engagement!

There is nothing better than getting out of the usual environment and going up for a hike in the mountains. If you are looking for an intimate moment with your sweetheart, where no one hears you or disturbing you at your proposal, than a hiking trip is definitely recommended! Look for a spot with a nice view over a gorgeous valley or lake and go for it!

There are plenty of lovely hiking areas around Budapest, just to name a few:

The Elisabeth lookout tower on Janos's Hill is one of the bests and it can be interconnected with the chairlift, which is a particularly cool and on the same time romantic activity.

The Preaching Chair (Prédikálószék) and Dobogókő in the Visegrád Mountains are also warmly recommended, both of which offer a stunning panorama over the famous bend over the Danube river.

Valentine's day proposal ideas

9. Romantic couple photo shooting!

We don’t reveal a big secret by saying that most girls love to take photos. If you’re thinking of a Valentine’s Day gift, arrange a couple photo shooting, and then, once you’re 'warmed up', get on your knees unexpectedly! The main advantage is the photographer in hand who will capture this unforgettable moment for you. Don’t forget to make the photographer aware of your intentions in advance so no important moment will be missed.

10. Plan together your summer holidays!

It’s a delayed proposal, but on the same time a superb double gift! While having a wonderful romantic dinner, plan your summer holidays together and book your flight tickets to a perfect destination where you eventually will ask her to marry you. With this option you can tick off Valentine's Day, your vacation and you can concentrate all your efforts in finding the perfect diamond engagement ring 🙂

Valentine's day proposal ideas

Best Diamond wishes you an unforgettable and successful Valentine's Day engagement!

We hope we were able to help you with the tips above and you found for yourself the most suitable proposal idea. Of course, we are also at your disposal and if you looking for an diamond ringand you are more than welcome to book with us a personal consultationheld in our showroom office.

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